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Submitting and Deleting Profiles and Personals
  • Membership is not required to post or delete Profiles and Personals.
  • You must be a member to respond to Profiles and Personals.
  • Profiles and Personals cannot be edited (yet), if you wish to update your Profile and/or Personal you should delete the old Profile and/or Personal(s) before you submit new ones.
  • Once you submit your request for deletion using this form the Profile and all Personals associated with the Profile will be automatically deleted within 24 hours!

Use this form to find & delete your Profile or Personal(s)

Name of  the Personal or Profile (Handle)

Email address used to post the Personal/Profile

Submitting and Deleting Bulletin Board Postings

  • Membership or payment is not required to post to the FREE Bulletin Boards.
  • FREE Bulletin Board postings can be edited or deleted by the person that posted them.
  • If you cannot delete the posting go to the posting and copy the web address (URL) of the page to your clipboard and then click here:
  • Once you have submitted your request we will remove the posting.

Q & A

Q: What is "Membership"?

A: Members are provided a special "username" and "password" that is used to unlock the "Shielded Email" system permitting the Member to respond to any of the over 40 thousand Profiles and Personals on

We do not sell access to a "special" members area, image gallery or WebCam chat room.

Q: What does "Membership" cost?

A: $9.95 for 1 month membership, $50.00 for 1 year membership, $100.00 for a lifetime membership. We've been online since October 31st 1995.

Q: What other benefits does Shielded Email offer?

A:  Unlike other email systems Shielded Email does not permit the transfer of viruses. You never have to worry about unknowingly receiving a virus from anyone who responds to your Profiles or Personals using Shielded Email because it will not allow the attachment of malicious programs.

Q: How can I pay for "Membership"?

A: Membership is free. 

NOTICE: We do not guarantee that you will receive responses using our system. We guarantee that the Shielded Email system will  work correctly, and deliver messages to the recipient email address, if it is still active. We do not sell images. We do not sell access to a gallery of images.

About Profiles/Personals
  • Itís free to submit a Profile and Personals and itís free to browse them but you must be a Member to respond to any of them. Membership is free.
  • Ideally you may submit one Profile and then continue on to submit Personals in the state or country files where you have an interest. It is preferred that individuals do not submit more than five Personals.
  • Profiles and Personals should not include email addresses, telephone numbers or other precise contact information. Submissions that contain alternate contact information will be deleted.
  • Responses are sent via a special system we call "Shielded Email". The purpose of "Shielded Email is to protect the email addresses in the profiles and personals from spammers and to permit recipients the option of ignoring unwanted responses or revealing their email address unnecessarily.
  • Responses are sent immediately via email, we do not delay delivery.

Email and Your Privacy

If you include your full name or email address or telephone number or postal mailing address or other sensitive, personal information in your postings, we are not responsible for what happens to that information once you have published it in your profile, personal or in the chat rooms or message boards.


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